Steed Dynamics Cycle
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Stand OutFeatures

  • Stylish Look: Propeller Shaft Drive System (PDS) occupy less space than Chain Drive and Derailleur system thus gives a stylish look.
  • Smooth Drive: Chainless drive system provides smooth, quiet and efficient transfer of torque from the pedals to rear wheel. Noiseless Easy shifting of Gears.
  • Safety: Enclosed Gears avoid the danger of cloths get caught in between chain and cogs. No need of Fingers getting injured as in Chain drive cycle while correcting the chains. Forget discontinuing the long distance cycling due to Chain cut.
  • Consistent Performance: Propeller shaft drive system operates at a consistent rate of efficiency and performance without adjustments and keeps the performance stable for a long time.
  • Reduced Maintenance & Repair: No need of lubrication and frequent change of Cogs and Derailleur system as in Chain Drive Cycles.

We introduce the propeller shaft instead of chain drive which gives the resilience and durability. Our PDS uses a set of spiral bevel gears in which a large bevel gear is attached with the pedal shaft which meshes with another bevel gear mounted on the drive shaft. The use of bevel gears allows drive from the pedals to be turned through 90 degrees. The other end of the drive shaft has another bevel gear near the rear wheel hub which meshes with a bevel gear on the hub through 90 degrees. Thus drive is transferred through a set of Spiral Bevel Gears. This enables the pedaling to rotate freely. The spiral bevel gears used in the Shaft Drive System are made of specially heat treated Chrome moly alloy fitted in a steel shaft, transfers the power from the crank to rear wheel.
Steed Dynamics ensures of getting various speeds through by incorporating Sun Race Sturmey-Archer internal gear hubs. This provides smooth shifting of gear ratios meeting the specific requirement of torque. Enclosed gears ensures the safety by preventing clothes getting caught and allows greater ground clearance for a safe ride on rough terrains.
Steed Dynamics Frames are made of lightweight Al tubes to maintain less weight and longevity. The frame manufacturing process is specially designed for the frames to last longer.

Steed Dynamics

Internal Gear Hub Transmission

3 Speed Gear Ratio

  • 3-Speed with standard gear ratio of 177%
  • Gear steps of 33% and 33%
  • Rotary gear selector change mechanism between the rear forks
  • Aluminum shells
  • Twist shifter

5 Speed Gear Ratio

  • 5-Speed with standard gear ratio of 243%
  • Gear steps of 25%, 25%, 25%, 25%
  • Rotary gear selector with no protrusions outside the frame
  • Aluminum shells
  • Designed for heavy duty usages

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