Steed Chainless Cycles are designed with Future proof

Steed Chainless Cycles 5S Features

5S Features

S Stylish Look

Propeller Shaft Drive System (PDS) occupy less space than Chain Drive and Derailleur system thus gives a stylish look.

S Smooth Drive

Chainless drive system provides smooth, quiet and efficient transfer of torque from the pedals to rear wheel. Noiseless easy shifting of gears.

S Safety

Steed Chainless cycles ensures smooth experience over chain drive cycles and eliminates discomfort of hands getting dirty or chain breakages. Long distance cycling without worries.

S Seamless Performance

Propeller shaft drive system operates at a consistent rate of efficiency and performance without adjustments and keeps the performance stable for a long time.

S Simple Maintenance

No need of lubrication and frequent change of Cogs and Derailleur system as in Chain Drive Cycles.

Traditional Chain Cycle
Steed Chainless Cycles
Riding efficiency declines over the period due to chain slackness Constant maintenance of riding efficiency due to Propeller Shaft Drive system
Chain slips and Chain cuts are common and affect the ride No Chain and No Pain. All Gain
Gears have to be shifted for both Crank and Rear Wheel Smooth Gears changing at one location using Twist Gear Shifter
Possibility of cloths get struck between Chain and Sprocket which damages the cloths Fully enclosed Propeller Shaft Drive System coupled with Internal Gear Hub ensures complete safety
Life of Chain and Sprockets are around 3000kms and more maintenance is required Life of Propeller Shaft Drive System is around 15000kms and less maintenance is required