About Us

Steed Dynamics is first in India to offer chainless Bicycles, to enhance your lifestyle. We are the gen-next innovative bicycles manufacturing company, producing premium cycles to cater to the growing needs of the current scenario. We introduce the Chainless technology into the manufacturing of bicycles, to provide a world-class experience to everyone.

We create a revolution in Manufacturing of Bicycles by replacing the traditional Chain drives with the introduction of the light-weight Propeller shaft, which not only maintains the constant efficiency of the drive but also improves the performance and makes your ride more pleasant.

We are the leading Precision Components Manufacturing firm entered into Bicycle manufacturing in India, with an aim to provide distinct comfort and luxury to elevate the user experience. Our high-end bicycles are manufactured with the Quality of Aerospace Standards which is being used in the aviation industry across the world. The pursuit of innovation and the acumen we have equipped earned through diverse knowledge has made us come with an alternate solution which will address the pains of the existing Chain drive bicycles.We replaced the traditional method of bicycles having chain drives which require constant maintenance and introduced a new type of bicycles which are not only reliable, durable but also highly cost-effective in the long run. This requires very less maintenance and is designed to cater to the versatile needs of the people across various age groups.